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Destin Cobia Tournament

Annual Event held March through April 30th

HarborWalk Marina in Destin, Florida

The Destin Cobia Tournament is scheduled to begin with the first Cobia caught and weighed-in by a boat officially entered in the tournament and ends April 30th at 7 pm. The Destin Cobia Tournament presented by HarborWalk Marina is over a month long event that attracts hundreds of anglers from Northwest Florida. The tournament provides anglers with a great fishing experience and excellent payout.


Register at HarborWalk Marina, 66 Harbor Blvd. Destin, FL 32541
Registration hours Monday – Sunday 7 am to 7 pm.
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Registration Fees

  • $500 for Overall division
  • $250 for 30′ and under division

* See tournament rules for additional details.
* Boats must register on the calendar day prior to catching and weighing eligible entries.
* Optional Calcutta Cash Awards $100, $250, $500, and $1000
* Super Saturday $100

Destin Cobia Tournament Rules 2017
  • This is a boat tournament.
  • The Tournament will officially start when the first fish reaches the HarborWalk Marina weigh station caught using sight fishing methods on a registered boat.
  • Boats must register on the calendar day prior to catching and weighing eligible entries.
  • Entry Fee is $500 for Overall division and $250 for 30′ and under division, If your boat is under 30′ and you wish to enter the Overall division you may do so by paying the entry fee for the Overall division.
  • There are also a $100, $250, $500, and $1,000 optional Calcutta cash awards for the biggest fish caught during the tournament. This payout will be based on a 50/30/20 split less tournament fees and is not limited by boat size.
  • Tournament will end at 7 pm on April 30th 2017.
  • All fish must be brought to the weigh station at HarborWalk Marina on the same day the fish is caught, and by the same boat on which fish was caught. Fish weighed in at other weigh stations may be brought by any means necessary, but must be on the same day the fish is caught.
  • Weigh Stations are as follows; HarborWalk Marina Scales close at 7 pm – All other weigh station location times are subject to change. Additional Weigh stations may be added and announced.
    • HarborWalk Marina- Destin FL
    • Blue Water Bay Marina- Blue Water Bay, FL
    • Outcast Bait and Tackle- Pensacola, FL
    • Captain Andersons Marina- Panama City, FL
  • Intentionally snagging or foul hooking cobia is strictly prohibited. Any cobia determined to have been intentionally snagged or foul hooked will be disqualified.
  • All fish must be caught on rod and reel, using traditional Cobia Fishing Methods.
  • Official weight will be based on the whole fish weight. The Tournament weigh master or director reserves the right to reject any fish entry because of poor condition, mutilation, or being frozen. Any contents deemed irregular or questionable will be grounds for disqualification of that entry. All decisions are final.
  • All anglers are limited to one fish entry per person, per day.
  • Angler or Captain must finalize entry weight with signature and entry division must be declared prior to official announcement of weight.
  • All fish must be a minimum state requirement of forty five (45) pounds for weigh-in eligibility in all divisions.
  • There are 4 divisions, Overall, 30′ and Under, Ladies, and Junior.
  • HarborWalk Marina, Destin Cobia Tournament is open to all anglers.
  • Ladies division is open to all women anglers.
  • Junior is open to all anglers 14 years old or younger on the date the fish was caught.
  • Fish may only be entered in one division.
  • There are additional Award categories for Tag and Release, First Fish caught, Top 5 Largest (aggregate), most over 50 lbs, Joel Knight Memorial and Lynn Kirby Deckhand Award.
  • The Tag & Release will be awarded to the boat that turns in the most completed tag cards by the closing of the final weigh in April 30th.
  • To be eligible for the 30ft and Under division, boats must have a LOA of 30’ or under as specified by the manufacturer.
  • Prize winning fish shall be the largest by weight. In the event of a tie, the first fish recorded shall be the winner.
  • One Prize per boat per division.
  • Prize money is based on 75 boat entries.
  • Entrants assume all risk involved with the tournament.
  • All boats must have appropriate state licenses.
  • FAD Rules: The use of illegal fish aggregating devices (hereinafter called “FADs”) is strictly prohibited during The Destin Cobia Tournament. For tournament purposes, FADs will be defined as any permanent or non permanent structure or device that is deployed into the Gulf of Mexico for the purpose of attracting fish to its location that has not met proper United States Coast Guard and/or Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission guidelines. Participating vessels and/or individuals found to have participated in the deployment of, assisted in deployment of, and/or acquisition of coordinates of previously deployed FADs from any source in 2017 will be disqualified pending results of a polygraph test. Any cobia knowingly or intentionally found, hooked, and/or caught on or near a FAD will not be eligible to be weighed in. If, during traditional cobia sight fishing a cobia on or near a FAD is found, hooked, and/or caught that cobia will not be eligible to be weighed in, unless it is determined that there was at no point any knowledge of said FAD.
  • Any protest must be made in writing within 24 hours from when the potential issue occurred and be accompanied by a $500 cash deposit. If protest is upheld, the deposit will be refunded. If the protest proves invalid, the deposit will be forfeited.
  • Decision of the tournament committee is final. Violation of tournament rules will subject the vessel, captain, and/or angler to disqualification. In the event of disqualification, tournament entry fees will be forfeited.
  • Any or all prize winners and contestants may be subject to polygraph test. In the case of a failed polygraph test, participants will be disqualified from the tournament.

All rules are subject to change. Any rule changes will be announced at Captains Kickoff Party March 8th 2017

  1. Separate of Optional Cash Award there will be a Daily Saturday Prize for the heaviest fish weighed in each Saturday during the tournament, Awarded at the tournament awards party.
  2. In the event of less than 5 boats enter in the Super Saturdays Optional Cash Awards division, then all cash award monies will be returned.
Destin Cobia Tournament Super Saturdays
  • The heaviest fish will win CASH prizes!
  • Free photos will be taken with your catch.
  • Events and live music in the Village.

Super Saturday Rules

  • Fish must be weighed in by a registered tournament boat on any Saturday during the tournament and must have at least 24 hours prior to weighing fish entered the Super Saturday Division.
  • Fish must be weighed in on same day fish was caught.
  • Winning fish for the day will be determined by heaviest weight, regardless of declared category, against other fish weighed in on same Saturday.
  • Optional cash award will be $100 to enter. Heaviest fish, winner takes all, based on all other Super Saturday’s winning cobia. The total amount of cash award will be the total amount of monies received less tournament fees.